An Overview Of Resisting Arrest Middletown NJ

By Nancy Watson

As a citizen of a particular country, it is a very hard task to obey and follow all the laws that have been put in place. Once in a while, almost all human beings have broken certain laws, although some did not get caught. Cases have been reported of criminals who have escaped being apprehended by police officers. Some have even engaged in a physical fight just to secure their freedom. It is wise for an individual to understand the consequences and how to defend themselves when charged with resisting arrest Middletown NJ.

It is not a simple thing for an individual to know that they are going to be charged in a court of law for committing a certain crime. This leads to the accused person finding ways of fleeing or freeing themselves from the hands of the law enforcers. However, most of the escapees get caught eventually and are charged with refusal to be apprehended.

Nonetheless, some of the defendants tend to defy orders of their apprehension. On several accounts, cases have been reported of such individuals. This happens in different ways. The criminal might decide to run away from the area before police officers catch up with them. This is so common nowadays. A criminal will do everything in their power to elope once they realize that they are being sought after.

Another punishment in this case could be a warning not to commit the same crime for a period between three and five years. If the case is a felony, the consequences become more serious. First of all, the fine charged is quite huge.

One, it is not right for an officer to go out to make an arrest on their own, they need back up. Therefore, going against a couple of officers is not a very wise step to take. Additionally, they are always armed with clubs and guns and going against them can turn sour instantly. Cases have been reported of police officers who shot at a defendant just because they were trying to escape and avoid being apprehended.

The prosecution must also prove that the police officer was actually going about their duty in accordance with the law. They should also be able to give enough evidence that the defendant used force or tried to run away during an apprehension. With the current advancement in technology, this has been made possible since such incidences can easily be recorded on a mobile phone.

Finally, the accused individual could also state that there was no physical injury inflicted on the officer, or on anyone else, in the vicinity at the time of the arrest. This can apply to an individual who refused to be arrested but did not cause any harm or injury to the officer. Maybe they just ran away, hauling insults, but is eventually caught up with by the authorities.

Police officers and other law enforcers should be very careful when handling an accused person. Some defendants refuse to be apprehended due to the force used on them by these authorities. They then tend to take their chances by running away, hiding or even engaging in a physical struggle with the police. This is done to avoid being brought before a jury to face charges of the crime that they committed.

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