Thinking About Jewish Commitment Services

By Debra Hayes

There is just so much to know and so many practices that govern this religion. Jewish commitment services encompass all facets of life for the Jew from when he or she is born up until their dying day. As an example, there are laws that govern the foods Jews eat as well as how they are eaten.

There is something that affects the layperson when for example attending a funeral service. Firstly, one's head must be covered with a skullcap if man and a scarf or sheitel if one is a woman. This is a sign of respect and is there to remind the person that there is a higher power in this world that controls the flow of life and death.

It is best to consult with a Rabbi if one is unsure about anything as they are well versed in all areas of study of the Bible. This goes for wanting to know what foods may be eaten and even when they may be eaten. For example, one may not eat milk products straight after having consumed meat products as it is based upon law in the Bible.

For instance, some Jews will wait up until six hours have passed before consuming milk products after meat has been eaten. It is a matter of custom too and there are some that only wait up to one hour. These laws were put in place to safeguard and ensure that the primary law was not broken and so rabbinic decrees where put into place over the millennia to ensure just this.

Another service that is provided for by the community is preparing the dead for burial. Here there are laws too that must be abided by, laws that have been handed down from generations up until today. The process of preparing the departed for burial is known as Taharah. Here too volunteers who have been taught what is required are called upon to prepare the body for burial.

This requires that the body be washed and then placed in clothe with is sewn closed. It is a big honour to do this, to ensure that the body is properly prepared for burial. It is something that is said will be rewarded in the afterlife as it is an honour to look after the body until it is laid to rest.

If one is unsure about how to proceed with regard to any facet of life that is governed by Jewish Law then it is best practice to consult with a Rabbi or someone who is learned in that particular field. This can range from anything such as getting married or even how to get to bed at night by saying the appropriate prayers. There is so much to know so it is best to get the information from the right source.

Judaism is a very exact religion. There is much to learn and to understand. A bit at a time ensures that one understands what is required and how to put laws into practice.

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