Ways Of Increasing Self Empowerment Through Team Building

By Donna Phillips

Members working together towards the achievement of specific goals often go through the process to help affiliate develop a sense of belonging and trust. There are five stages of squad building that is forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. At the forming step, the groups get to know each other and ground rules are set. At the storming, stage members get to select leaders. This article discusses the process of self empowerment through team building.

At the norming stage members form strong squads that they would wish to work with towards the achievement of their goals. The teams will then start putting action and efforts towards ensuring that they meet their objectives. On completion of the set period or when the organizations achieve their goals, the group is recessed. This is common in clubs that are formed with its sole purpose being to achieve specific goals.

Members get a chance to know one another. Individuals are placed in groups according to their characteristics and objectives. In the clubs, they are given an opportunity to get more information about each member. The assemblies are then allowed to start working on their targets. When they achieve these goals, participants can dissolve the group on completing a project.

When working in a group a person is helped to be responsible. Most of these crews divide their tasks among members whereby each is expected to handle a particular chore. Those individuals who find it difficult to work and deliver on time are helped to acquire these qualities since they will be forced to give on time. Sets help people to learn from group leaders and affiliates. The process allows people to come up with ideas without making judgments.

Every crew member is responsible for the delivery of a particular task. This ensures that every individual participates towards the achievement of these goals. By doing this, a person is enabled to learn how to work when under pressure since they operate under datelines. A person gets to learn and gain knowledge about a variety of issues. This is achieved through the process of brainstorming where members are allowed to give their opinion on how to handle a variety of problems.

Each member is expected to give a presentation on how they have been able to tackle a range of issues. This helps them to gain courage of speaking to a crowd. Squads offer a safe environment where people can give their opinions in an enclosed setting without being judged. Organizations will often provide their members with opportunities. This helps them in growing their businesses or careers.

The development of endowing these groups involves guiding them on the decision making procedure and guiding them through solving complex problems. There are problems that an individual may encounter while going on with their daily business. At times the procedure become hard to manage these crews helps them to go over the situation with minimal to no damage. This assists sets in attaining their objectives quickly.

The empowering process begins with writing down expectations, providing training, selecting the correct procedures to use, brainstorming on a variety of ideas, forming clubs. The crews are placed depending on their goals and qualities. Members are assisted in changing behavior such as procrastination. Associates are guided to predict outcomes they may experience. Groups help people to achieve their goals as a client is helped to develop on these processes.

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