Reputable Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney Outlines What To Do When Pressing Charges

By Jason Foster

You have a duty to protect your rights and anyone who violates your legal rights should be held accountable. Pursuing justice begins with filing criminal charges against the accused and formally pressing charges. Before getting started, you must have a good idea of what is involved in the process and the steps you are required to take. A dependable Fort Worth criminal defense attorney can fight to ensure that justice is served.

The most important thing to do is to report the crime to the nearest police. The authorities will open a report and note down all relevant details and proofs. In case you give reasonable evidence that a crime indeed occurred, the officers will proceed to get an arrest warrant from a judge. In the event where the evidence you provide is strong and the suspect is perceived to be dangerous, the police will forgo securing a warrant and directly proceed to make an arrest.

The state prosecutor will be responsible for formally filing criminal charges. If he or she analyzes the evidence brought forward and the chances of a conviction being made are high, the expert will start building a case against the defendant. At this point, you will possibly feel relieved because of the progress that is made, though there is still much that needs to be done for you to find justice.

Being the victim, you are smack at the center of the case. Your cooperation will be crucial during investigations. You will be asked to tell your story, provide detailed information about what happened and even describe what you have gone through because of a specific incident. All this will help in strengthening the charges faced by the defendant.

It is always better to take legal action as soon as your rights are violated. Finding justice will not happen overnight and you can save yourself from an excruciatingly painful process by retaining a seasoned criminal attorney. The expert will provide invaluable legal counsel, assist you in exploring the available options and also represent you in court.

Before proceeding to file criminal charges, you may need to get familiar with what is termed as a crime. There are four classifications of crime and the first is personal crime. False imprisonment, battery, assault, sexual assault, kidnapping and homicide all cause mental or physical harm and are hence referred to as personal crimes.

Property crimes interfere with ones right to enjoy or use his or her property. They include larceny, burglary, embezzlement, arson, forgery and false pretenses just to mention a few. Inchoate crimes on the other hand, are incomplete or rather attempted crimes. In this case if the defendant made other substantial steps, then a complete crime would have been committed.

Violations against state and federal laws are statutory crimes. They may involve driving under the influence or selling liquor to persons who are under 18 years of age. Criminal litigation is confusing for most people and it is not foreign to be confused about the kind of charges you should press. In this case, your criminal lawyer will guide you and provide the needed assistance until justice is served.

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