When Hiring Divorce Lawyers New Bedford Couples Must Be Ready To Pay

By Edward Reynolds

There used to be a time when divorces were granted only with great reluctance and when divorced people were social outcasts. Those days are certainly long gone. In this modern day and age divorces are common and the rate at which people are divorcing is rising year after year. Many thousands of attorneys specialize in and make very good livings from divorces. However, when hiring divorce lawyers New Bedford couples need to understand that they are committed to paying huge fees.

Starry eyed couples getting married often forget that marriage is not just a religious or ceremonial event but also a legal contract that are governed by quite a few laws. When divorces are discussed, it is the legal bond that needs to be severed, not any religious or other bond. This will inevitable cost money. When divorcing, couples have to achieve some agreement on the terms under which their marriage will end.

Sadly, many couples simply cannot agree on the terms of dissolving their marriage. In such instances, the case becomes a contested one. Each partner will have to appoint an attorney to represent their interests and when the matter proceeds to the courts, all the proceedings are a matter of public record. This is a very expensive route because two attorneys have to be paid and court appearances cost a lot of money.

Uncontested divorces are much simpler and most definitely much cheaper. However, these cases require both partners to be reasonable and to communicate with each other with willingness to compromise. If this is the case, only one lawyer needs to be appointed and his main task will be to translate the agreements achieved by his clients into a legal separation document which will be made an order of the court.

Despite a common belief that one cannot get divorced without hiring at least one lawyer at exorbitant fees there are indeed alternatives. One can engage the services of a counselor that has been trained and licensed to manage a divorce. They will help the couple to reach a sensible agreement, draw up the necessary documents and present them to court. This is by far the cheapest option.

When a marriage has produced children there are special considerations. The interests of the children are of the highest importance and the courts will not tolerate a situation where the children are used as weapons by either or both partners. Contested divorces can nevertheless cause enormous emotional trauma to the children, making them feel as if they are the reason why their parents are splitting up.

As sad as divorces are, there are some cases when it is really better to escape from the situation. If one partner is abusive sexually, emotionally or physically, or if that partner is addicted to substances or make no contribution to the union, then it is often bet to escape. Abusive and addicted people are not easily rehabilitated and they often ruin not just their own lives, but also the lives of those around them.

Perhaps those that argue that divorces are granted far too easily these days are right. Perhaps marriages can be saved if both partners make more of an effort. The facts are different, however, and it does not seem as of marriage will ever be a sacred institution again.

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