When Applying For Bail Bonds Wake County Accused Need To Be Careful

By Helen Moore

Most people will be surprised to learn just how many arrests are made by law enforcement agencies every year. The majority of those arrested are not hardened criminals. They are just ordinary people that made mistakes, took stupid chances and allowed their emotions to rule their actions. They drive after drinking, get involved in fights and take unnecessary risks. Thankfully, with bail bonds Wake County accused can avoid having to spend time in jail.

An arrest almost always leads to criminal charges, an expensive court case and a possible conviction. This can have very serious consequences. Careers have been destroyed and families have been torn asunder under such circumstances. A conviction can lead to hefty fine, a jail sentence and a life long criminal record. It is thus vital to appoint a reputable lawyer without delay and to refrain from making any statements.

It is common practice to release the majority of those arrested until the case against them can be presented to court. There are conditions attached to the release, however. The court must be sure that the accused will refrain from interfering in the investigation and that he will not attempt to flee from justice, for example. Other conditions may be imposed at the discretion of the court.

In most cases, the accused will be released only after he posted a sum that is meant to serve as surety. The sum that must be paid is determined by the court. Once the case is finished, this money will be returned. If the accused is unable to raise the amount required, all is not lost. He can still apply for a loan from a bondsman, who specializes in making loans to arrested individuals.

Bondsmen normally process loan applications very quickly but they demand a hefty fee for this service. The accused will have to pay a non refundable service fee of between ten and fifteen per cent of the loan amount. This can be a very substantial amount. The accused will also have to sign a written agreement and in many cases he will have to put up assets such as his hoe to serve as surety.

The agreement that desperate accused sign with bondsmen are very strict. Unfortunately, most of them are desperate at the time and they do not read the terms and conditions. Breaking these strict conditions may easily lead to serious financial consequences and even the seizure of the assets put up as security. It is always better to ask the lawyer to deal with the bondsmen.

Breaching the conditions under which bail was granted can be one of the biggest mistakes the accused will ever make. He will face being arrested once more and additional charges will be filed against him. He will lose all the money he posted as security and the court will not be so lenient in granting a second release. He may even have to apply for a second loan from a bondsman.

Those that argue that all arrested individuals should be kept in jail forget the fact that all accused must be deemed innocent until found guilty. Many are indeed found not guilty or the cases against them are dropped. Also, there is simply not enough money, facilities or staff to keep such vast numbers of people locked up until their cases are heard.

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