Jobs Which Require Voice Writing Training

By Kimberly Barnes

When it comes to recording information in a court case, it is the job of a Court Reporter. While these individuals used to type information in real team during court cases, those desiring to become court reporters now go through voice writing training programs. While this is the case, most training programs are also appropriate for medical transcriptionists and closed caption professionals.

In court reporting, a court reporter speaks into a speech silencer or stenomask which contains voice dampening materials and one or two microphones. The dampened materials prevent others from hearing the testimony while being recorded. Court reporters document all aspects of a case as presented by attorneys, witnesses, judges and other parties, including gestures and emotional reactions.

In medical transcription, voice writing basically allows professionals more time by providing information to a medical transcriptionist. With new technologies, these individuals can now use real time software which will automatically type the information into a file, then edit the document for spelling, grammar, punctuation and proper formatting.

While medical transcriptionists do not need a special mask, or special equipment, a good headset with a quality microphone is essential. Whereas, a recently updated sound card is often necessary to assure the best sound and quality while transcribing information. Individuals can accomplish this task by obtaining a small sound card which attaches to the microphone cord, then inserts into a USB port. Sometimes a foot pedal is also necessary unless the individual is transcribing directly from the audio file.

Most often, digital recording offers more clarity than older transcription systems. While this is the case, whether transcribing from an audio file, or recording the information through a microphone, it is essential that all documents be proofed for proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting. For, the most common errors when it comes to transcription are grammar and spelling errors.

Closed caption specialists often have the easiest job when it comes transcription. For, unlike court reporting or medical transcription, input is more limited. Although, when working on a major motion picture or documentary, information may be added all at once or on a page by page basis.

In most cases, legal assistants, legal secretaries and paralegals can become proficient in the field in three to six months. As such, these individuals can often become real-time certified much quicker than those starting a career in court reporting. Whereas, those beginning a career in court reporting can often take six months or longer to become acquainted with all that is expected in the position.

New speech recognition technology has greatly enhanced the field of medical transcription and court reporting. For example, if an individual can use speech recognition software which understands the material on the audio file, all the individual has to do is start the program, play the audio file and the system will autotype the information. After which, the document can be edited, saved, printed and distributed to all interested parties following a proceeding.

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