The Benefits Of Classic Poetry Readings

By Rebecca Perry

It is always a liberating experience to share your passions and interests with others. With your own coterie of like minded people, you will be able to put yourself according to perspective. Notwithstanding differences in experiences, opinions, and other trappings of individuality, there is a certain excitement to be had when you feel yourself in line with the feeling of others. Enough of this schmaltzy tosh and see about classic poetry readings Los Angeles.

The written word is, of course, very much important. It is what gives you a free hand in reading, understanding, interpreting, and using compositions according to your whims. However, it has its spate of drawbacks too.

It can be done without much razzamatazz. On the other hand, it may even be performed in an all out way. Such is the thing with the so called Performance Poetry. In some cases, it is written with the intention of serving a listening audience in mind, rather than the print distribution. A relevant example, in this regard, is slam poetry.

Reading can be dispassionate, as well. One can read a text of utmost emotionality with a straight poker face. You will also not be able to put a rein on yourself, especially when you are an innate speed reader.

For one, you have William Ernest HenleysInvictus. Really, though, whats not to like about this poem, with all the heart wrenching expressions of anguish and difficulties. Yet, in the end, it comes away with a very empowering line, that of the expression of fearlessness and the well enforced belief of oneself. Despite the blackest circumstance in the lowest low, this poem is sure to up your resolution by no mean degree.

When poetry is read aloud, it can inspire a common understanding for a piece that takes individual interpretation to dissect. You are better able to foster empathy and trust in your particular community. Also, you stand to spruce up your listening and speaking skills, which are, for always, important.

Reading poetry activates involvement. To actuate this enterprise, you need both a speaker and a listener, who are, in effect, the performer and the audience. It creates a sort of connection that opens up avenues and channels of understanding. Whether or not its an original or classic piece, reciting it aloud makes a person its Voice, and he or she gets to own it, in the course of the reading.

And now, lets go on to the genre that everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats for. For this, well take as our example, First Love by John Clare. Really, though, whats not to love about this poem. It brings with the utmost eloquence and first rate expression of a lad who had just had his first experience of the sting of Cupids arrow. There is something quite endearing and, at the same time, pitiable about it. Its the type that really makes you feel all the feelings.

With a poetry reading, you will find yourself in the midst of like minded people with whom you share a special love for classic literature. You may express your feelings about a particular literary piece with gusto and without inhibitions. With this, youll finally be able to zero in on the significance and import of a piece and count yourself in as a part of the tapestry of similar feelings, experiences, perspectives, desires, and hopes.

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