Importance Of Hiring Social Security Disability Lawyer

By Nancy Phillips

Surviving an accident will leave a scar on your body. It will even leave you permanently disabled. The benefits you are owed is the one currently in your mind. You like to get the OASDI or old age, survivors, and disability insurance from Social Security. There are, however, times when claims are left rejected. An Oregon Social Security disability lawyer can help you avoid this from happening.

The Social Security Administration, or SSA, has many qualifications for eligibility. They require updated medical records and other related supporting documents from you. They will inspect your documents to ensure that you really cannot work anymore to provide for yourself and your family.

This gets a bit tricky and difficult onwards. The officials who will review your documents will sometimes conclude that the disability does not affect your capability in continuing work. Their decision will be in the form of a rejection letter that will be sent to you for your knowledge. It will naturally leave you devastated when you find out their decision.

Their reasons vary but in essence, it comes down to that thought. This makes claiming your disability benefits a long, hard, and complex process. This is the main reason why lawyers can increase your chances in getting them. They can thoroughly review your application and other paperwork to ensure accuracy and proficiency. It also helps that they have your back as your representative during hearings.

They will make sure that your medical records are complete, sufficient, and substantial. They are going to ask for the cooperation and help of your physician. That way, he is able to write an explanation letter citing how your condition has an impact on your life, whether in social gatherings or work responsibilities.

A copy of your company job specification and description will also be asked by your lawyers. It will let inform the SSA in regards to the nature of the work you are handling. That way, they will understand more about your predicament and be swayed in your favor.

Lawyers also ensure that all your records are correct and true. They also like to inspect it for any errors in order to avoid unnecessary delays and corrections. Additional costs are also avoided from incurring. They also will remind you in submitting all that to the SSA before the deadline.

The SSA dealings and proceedings are understood by your lawyers due to their experience with them. Hence, they know the ins and outs of this tedious process in order to win you your claim. However, if it was rejected, then with their help, you will file the appeal. Both of you will review their reject letter and find sections that you can use to counter them in the hearing.

A letter of appeal that was written by your lawyers will be submitted alongside your evidence. They know how to craft the letter in gaining the sympathy of the officials in the SSA. Given the fact the you submitted the gathered feasible and substantial evidence, their initial decision will be retracted. As a result, you will be awarded with an approval to your disability benefits.

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