Crucial Tips On The Grounding Rod

By Roger Edwards

In the storm seasons, there will be a lot of rain and also the thunders and lightning storms. Because of this, there is a need that the houses are protected from the strikes. This will be through the grounding kits. The rods are installed on the roof and take in the power and drive it deep not the ground. This protects the house from the impact. Read more to know more about the grounding rod.

When there are storms, the strikes will accompany the rain. This being the fact, there is a high possibility of there being a lightning strike. Because of this, there may be casualties and injuries. Protect the occupants of the house only by using the rods. In addition, you will not only protect the occupants of the house but also the house itself.

Well, you may also be one wondering what the rod is. The rod is metal and is mounted on to the roof of a building. These rods come in different sizes and also shapes. Some are blunt whereas some are sharp. Most people will make use of the sharp rods since they believe are more effective. On the other scope, the rod catches the power and drives it to the ground in the safest manner possible.

On the other side, then you actually need to know how it works. The rod is always mounted on the roof because there is a high possibility that the lightning always strikes the highest object around. So if your house is tall, make a point and get one of these rods. Once hit, the rod will transfer the power directly into the ground.

On the flips side of things, there is also the need to conduct follow up. Well, when there is a strike, very many things can go wrong. The strike can be more powerful than the rod and this can cause damages. In this notation, it is always good to follow up the strike. If you suspect that there has been lighting in the strike, then conduct a full ground check up and also building check. If there are any damages causes, then repair accordingly.

You will also find out that some sophisticated building will use better rods to conduct the same business. In this case, they will not use one rod. They will use at least one rod for every corner of the roof. They will arrest the lighting and conduct the energy with connectors to one conductor straight to the ground. This one is more effective and also faster.

You will also realise that the usage of these rods started in the early 18th century. This was through a man called Franklin. He started by discovering electricity. Later on, he used the rods to arrest the power and use it to power his working equipments. Well, this has now become common with almost all houses having this rod on the roof.

Finally, you will realise that most people will use the bar some for beauty and other for precautionary measure.

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