With A Personal Injury Attorney Hamilton Ohio Claimants Stand A Better Chance

By Thomas Phillips

Even the most careful people that try to avoid any form of harm can be subjected to sudden injuries or losses. One cannot predict or control what happens. What one can do, however, is to seek compensation if one has been the victim of unexpected misfortune, albeit subject to certain rules. When represented by a competent and experienced personal injury attorney Hamilton Ohio victims can cask the courts to make those that caused the injuries or losses to pay for them.

Not all injuries or losses will be covered by the law. Acts of God, for example, such as tornados earthquakes and other natural disasters are not covered. The injuries or losses must be the result of negligent or intentional acts by a person, a group of people, a business, other organization or even the government. A drunken driver that caused an accident and injured others is a good example.

The legal system is complex and the laws regulating claims for compensation are complicated. It is necessary to prove that there was negligence or malicious intent behind the injuries or damages. This can be difficult. The court must also be convinced that the cost for treatment or the repair of damages is realistic. That is why it is so important to get an experienced lawyer to handle the claim.

Victims can submit claims for the medical cost incurred during the negligent or intentional incident. However, it is even possible to add all foreseen future medical expenses to the claim. To this effect a report from a specialist is required. It is also possible to claim for any damages done to the property of the claimant. Once again, a report from an expert is needed.

In many cases victims have to incur other costs, other than the cost of treatment or the repair of damages, in order to cope. This may include the hiring of a car, for example, if the can of the victim was damaged. It may include the cost of alternative housing, if the home of the victim was seriously damaged. It certainly also include a loss of income if the victim became unable to earn.

Sometimes victims do not sustain physical injuries but this does not preclude them from lodging a claim. If they have been traumatized to the extent that they need psychological treatment or counseling, then the cost of that treatment can be claimed. The claim may even include compensation for the psychological suffering, humiliation or anxiety that the victim suffered. Ongoing sexual harassment or bullying routinely lead to claims of this nature.

Legal fees can be exorbitant but there are numerous lawyers focusing on this specific area on a no win no payment basis. This means that the client will have to pay a percentage of the amount approved by the courts rather than a daily or hourly fee. If the case is dismissed, the client does not have to pay the lawyer anything. Lawyers are therefore careful to only take on cases with a high likelihood of succeeding.

Accidents do happen and people do act in a malicious way and cause innocent people to become injured or to suffer losses. Thankfully, with help from a lawyer victims can get those that caused the injuries or losses to pay for their deeds. Without a lawyer, however, victims are not likely to obtain justice.

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